Core Cable Networks have over 20 years of experience overseeing wireless installations and upgrades. Our service is wired in using structured cabling to ensure quality and provides a fully integrated solution to enable fast roaming without re- authentication. That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing your WiFi connection.
Our Wi-Fi solutions include, but are not limited to; Point to Point links, Indoor Wi-Fi Services, Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.
Business WiFi has become a requirement in almost every industry. From supermarkets to construction sites, venues to corporate offices – your customers and staff require a professionally installed wireless solution that works whenever they need it, however they need it.
The challenge many business owners face is finding a company who can successfully install a WiFi system to meet all their needs. Nothing frustrates customers more than poor WiFi!   
We will begin with an in-depth Wi-Fi survey to help establish your business goals. Once we are clear on your business needs and requirements our specialist engineers will discuss the next steps with you.
We provide a fully overseen solution from a number of suppliers including Ublquiti and Engenius. We have a wealth of experience providing business WiFi for companies across Sussex and the South East.
We are flexible with our operating hours to prevent unnecessary downtime. 
Commercial, office and retail work can be covered with a number of warranty solutions.
Please contact us at: 0330 122 2650
email: sales@corecablenetworks.com

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