An interactive touch screen is an extra large touch tablet pc that can be used for presentations, meetings, interactive lessons for students and video conferencing. Anything that you can do on your PC can be done on an interactive touch screen and instead of using a mouse you touch the screen, same as you would do on a mobile phone or tablet.
We supply and install interactive touch screens for Business and Education, The most common Interactive Touch screen size is currently trending at 75" however touch Screens and Interactive touch screens can range in size from 22" right up to a whopping 98".
If you have a preferred brand or model of Interactive Touch screen or you have already purchased a Touch screen Display, we can still install or relocate it for you.
Core Cable Networks provide professional installation services along with a range of installation accessories including heavy duty wall mounts, mobile trolley solutions and electric height adjustable brackets. Our installation services are suitable for education, retail & corporate environments, we can also offer bespoke services and accessories for the most demanding installations.
We are flexible with our operating hours to prevent unnecessary downtime. 
Commercial, office and retail work can be covered with a number of warranty solutions.
Please contact us at: 0330 122 2650

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