Fibre Optic cable can be a superior alternative to copper cable, and as such is constantly increasing the bandwidth and pushing the performance of todays networks.
At Core Cable Networks, we will use our vast knowledge of optical cabling systems to help you come to the right decision when planning your cabling infrastructure project. Aiming to increase available transfer speed, bandwidth and expanding your network.
Our team can help supply and install fibre optic cables.  We have a vast amount of experience working in schools and hospitals, which rely heavily upon faultless optical networks to operate as efficiently as possible. We understand this and are here to help. 
We specialise in; 
Fibre optic splicing, Fusion splicing - Single-Mode; OS1 & OS2 and Multi-Mode; OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5. Repair, Testing & Installation.
We are flexible with our operating hours to prevent unnecessary downtime.
Commercial, office and retail work can be covered with a number of warranty solutions.
Please contact us at: 0330 122 2650

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